STEAMEMO 8 Port POE Switch 52V90W External Power Supply Ethernet Switch Network For IP Camera & Wireless AP

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This is a 52V AI standard POE switch, designed and developed independently by STEAMEMO Tech to meet the needs of network power supply.

It adopts the latest high-speed Ethernet switching chip and has extremely fast data processing capabilities to improve smooth data transmission performance ,With Power Supply Network ports and RJ45/uplink ports. Among them, all RJ45 ports support network cable power supply.

it's suitable for Hikvision,DAHUA and other brands with IEEE802.333af/at PoE Powered Devices

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  • Security:   Independent port and function of current protection

  • CableType: 3 types and more than 3 types of twisted pair for 10BaseT(No support for power supply) 5types and more than5 types of twisted pair for 100Base-TX\100Base-TX.

Software specification

  • Communication mode :  Support half duplex and full duplex.

  • Exchange mode: Store-and-Forward

  • Rate of data signalling:  Half-duplex mode

  • POE Standard: IEEE802.3af/at, PoE port MAX 30W;

  • MAC address space: 8K


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