Indoor and outdoor activities make up our daily lives. The need for constant and prompt communication by users will lead to certain consequences on a fiber PON-based delivery with high bandwidth, security, and long-distance capability. Fiber Cable damage-Underground/Overhead (UG/OH), ducts and manhole flooding, broken units such as patch cords and connectors, misconnections, polarities faulting, broken fibers, severe weather conditions, etc., are just a few instances leading to network downtime.

With our reliable equipment, such as Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), Toners, Live Fiber Detector, fiber cleaning kits, and Optical Red light, we could test, diagnose, repair, or refit and retest all broken units of the spine or network.

If your network is down, do not panic. We are just one phone call away from fixing the issue with our 24/7 maintenance/call-out and First-Time fix guarantee policies. We run a flexible service level.

Our maintenance policy takes into consideration, structures including,

  • Mobile Structures where applicable with Fiber Network Delivery
  • Single Dwelling Units (SDUs)
    • Standard SDUs
    • Maisonettes
  • Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs):
    • Small MDUs or
    • Large MDUs
  • Commercial Units:
    • Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) unit on a residential development
    • SME within an MDU
    • Commercial Unit within a commercial-only site

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