Fiber is an essential part of everyone’s daily internet experience. Indeed, the fastest choice for connecting billions of internet users, homes, and devices. 

At 3 Way Protocol Limited, our engineers are equipped with the necessary skills and experienced to build and deliver fiber-based networks according to planning and anticipated test results. 

Our networks will be both reliable and scalable, with the capacity to deliver speeds in Gbps or desired quality.

Whatever or wherever the task may be from pickup points, points of presence, or telephone exchanges to the very last mile or customer premises, our engineers will deliver promptly. 

Our focus will be to maintain high-quality, bespoke Fiber Network Delivery through the following plans:

  • Business Plans
    • Enterprise (or Large Enterprise)
    • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Small Office Home Office (SoHo)
  • Residential (Personal) Plans

These plans will take into consideration, structures including,

  • Mobile Structures where applicable with Fiber Network Delivery
  • Single Dwelling Units (SDUs)
    • Standard SDUs
    • Maisonettes
  • Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs):
    • Small MDUs or
    • Large MDUs
  • Commercial Units:
    • Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) unit on a residential development
    • SME within an MDU
    • Commercial Unit within a commercial-only site

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