High Quality IPL+ OPT Elight Epilator Intense Pulsed Light Optimal Pulse Technology Hair Removal Machine Beauty Equipment 5.0

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640nm filter: Depilation.
530nm filter: Spot Removal,Skin Rejuvenation etc.
480nm filter: Acne removal,Vascular treatment etc.


1. SHR: Permanent and fast hair removal,completely painless
2. All kinds of freckle removal
3. Acne therapy
4. Skin whitening, skin tightening, skin lift, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal.


1.Hair removal: permanent hair removal, indecent hair throughout the body (hair in the growing season), including lighter hair.
2.Freckle: remove freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, hemorrhoids, facial warts.
3. Rejuvenation: Improves large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity.
4.Treatment of telangiectasia: red blood, facial flushing.
5.Improves dullness, makes skin fair and even.

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