Breo Scalp Mini Pro Massager Waterproof Electric Wireless Portable Infrared Technology Head Scalp Muscle Massager Hair Care

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Breo Scalp Mini Pro Massager Waterproof Electric Wireless Portable Infrared Technology Head Scalp Muscle Massager Hair Care

96 pcs Tapered silicone nodes and 4-shaft centrifugal kneading

The 4 massaging heads, made up of 96 soft silicone nodes, apply gentle and balanced kneading to activate the scalp’s blood circulation and reduce tension and stress. Leave no muscle untouched with multi-direction rotation.

Deeply stimulates scalp cell vitality and cares for every corner of the scalp with infrared technology

Continuous output of 850nm infrared light wave, directly to the root of 3-5MM hair follicles, deep stimulation of scalp cell vitality, stabilization of hair roots, volumizing hair texture. Low energy infrared penetration technology, intensive light wave repair. Handheld flexible control, care for every corner of the scalp. 

Ergonomically-designed and waterproof

Scalp Mini Pro provides a comfortable hand grip with an ergonomic design. The IPX7 waterproof makes it possible to use in a shower or during bathing. Can be used during hair washing to deeply cleanse the scalp and exfoliates, refresh, and strengthens hair.

Durable, resilient, waterproof food-grade silicon nodes are gentle on the skin

Made up of soft and high-quality silicon nodes, the Scalp Mini Pro can be used on the entire body, with targeted massage patterns made specifically for the scalp. Not only for naked skin but it can also be used when you have clothes on.

Small, portable, and powerful 

With only 215g weight and the size of an apple, Scalp mini Pro can be a masseur in your pocket. Portable and ready for you with comfortable scalp massage anytime and anywhere. There are 3 modes – low speed, high speed, and changing speed – to choose from based on your needs and moods.

HOW TO USE Scalp mini Pro

Product Functions

Start the machine: Under the shutdown state, press the ON/OFF key, the product starts running;

Mode selection: Short press the Mode key to switch the product between.

Three modes

Mode 1: The massage head rotates fast forward, the white indicator flashes once and then keeps on, and Mode 1 is the default mode;

Mode 2: The massage head rotates forward slowly, the white indicator flashes twice and then keep on;

Mode 3: The massage head rotates forward slowly and circularly, the white the indicator flashes three times and then keeps on;


Long press the "ON/OFF" key to shut down the product;

The product automatically shuts down after working for 10 minutes by default;

Electric consumption

The indicator flashes when the product battery is low; 


The charging time is about 2~3h, during charging, the indicator flashes; when it is fully charged, the indicator keeps on;

The product enables the self-protection program under charging state, and stops running.

Free shipping | 14-Day Return | 12 Month Warranty. The Scalp Mini Pro by breo is one of our most versatile basic massagers. This device delivers a perfectly no-frills scalp and full-body massage with a sleek design and tried-and-true massage technology. It enables professional-grade results via longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point stimulation, and oscillating pressure. Use it to increase blood flow and reduce pain for faster muscle recovery.