Aufero Laser 2 Air Assist Engraving Machine Ultra-thin Laser Beam Shaping Technology Wood Acrylic Laser Engraver 390x390mm

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Aufero Laser 2 Air Assist Engraving Machine Ultra-thin Laser Beam Shaping Technology Wood Acrylic Laser Engraver 390x390mm


  • The Fattest Diode Laser Engraving Machine in Market: Ortur Laser 1.5 series firmware, increasing the maximum speed from 4000mm/min to 15000mm/min. It can do very good engraving at normal speed of 10000mm/min, and the max. engraving speed can reach 15000mm/min. Three times faster than averrage, suits for small business production.

  • Most Professional Engraving and Cutting Options:Both SF and LF can do engraving and cutting!
    The focus of the SF laser is smaller, the image is finer, and it is more suitable for engraving.
    LF has a longer depth of field with bigger power density. and it is more suitable for cutting.
    The max. thickness is 12mm plywood (equipped with LF nozzle, the cutting surface is smooth and there will be no black edges).
    Buyers only to order air compressor by yourself for LU2-4 LF laser mould.

  • Ultimate Engraving Experience with higher precision:Due to the use of 12bit precision PWM control signal, more than 1000 grayscale performances give you real photo-like details.

  • 24-hour Stable and Consistent Engraving:24V electric system in motherboard supports powerful laser module and more add-ons. high-quality flexible cables and wire-protecting chains ensure 24 hours uninterrupted operation and consistent engraving result.

  • Latest Laser Beam Compressed Focal Spot Technology: Aufero Laser 2 adopt the latest 5.5W higly compressed focal spot laser modulediode, it has an ultra-fine 0.06mm sharp laser focus, with super cutting penetration and precision, can cut up to 12mm thick wood, 10mm acrylic, carve ceramics and stainless steel.

  • Fast Focusing Design:Combines a fixed focus lens and a sliding design. You only need to slide the laser and tighten the screws to complete the focusing. This makes it very easy to use.

  • Solid & Easy Assembly Structure:The full-metal structure design makes the machine work stably, and improves the engraving accuracy. The assembly can be completed in 10-20 minutes. The structural frame is very durable and available to upgrade. During use,

  • Wide Compatibility: The machine is compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, supports PWM mode engraving, supports Windows system, Apple system (LightBurn), and engraving file format Support JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, etc.

  • New Eye Protection Design:The laser filter cover filters 98% of the ultraviolet light to the eyes and prevents animals grabing the laser spot.

  • Square measuring ruler: X-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines, which is convenient for you to measure the size of engraving objects quickly. The 400x400mm large-area engraving interval can meet your various engraving needs.

  • Worry-free After Sales Support Team: There is a professional after-sales engineer team in Europe and United States to answer you technical questions. And a complete ticket system, you can solve technical problems in the ortur ticket system and online customer service. You could contact our support team by [email protected] for any questions! Our engineer could study and provide correct solutions in time! Provide one year warranty, 12 hours quick response, free replacement parts for any problems during the period.

  • At ORTUR, users can make an impact:Now ORTUR has a FB group with over 28k core users that can continuously provide valuable upgrading suggestions for ORTUR’s products.“ORTURS users are the core asset for us..” Director said!


LU2-2 Fixed Focus Laser Module

It has a smaller Luminous Cavity, so it's lower power but high cost-effective, also has a smaller Focal Spot.

Optical Power: 1,000-1,600mW

Voltage: 5-6V

Electric Current: 1.1-1.35A

Wavelength: 445±10NM

LU2-4-LF Optically Compressed Laser Module

With Air Assist Nozzle to ensure very clean cutting edge

Optical Power: 4,500-5,500mW

Voltage: 4.2-5.0V

Electric Current: 3.4-3.6A

Wavelength: 445±10NM

LU2-4-SF Optically Compressed Laser Module

Better for Engraving

Optical Power: 4,500-5,500mW

Voltage: 4.2-5.0V

Electric Current: 3.6-3.8A

Wavelength: 445±10NM



Brand: Aufero
Model Number: Aufero laser 2
Type: Laser engraving machine 
Material: Aluminum + Acrylic 
Laser Power: LU2-2 (Electrical Power: 7W, Luminous Power: 1200-1600 mw), LU2-4 SF/LF(Electrical Power:20W, Luminous Power: 5000-5500mw) 
Laser Reaching Range: 445 ± 5nm 
Power By: Power Adapter 24v 4A

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 2.8000 kg 
Package weight: 3.4000 kg 
Product size (L x W x H): 582x580x170MM / 22.91"x22.83"x6.69"
Package size (L x W x H): 630x290x120MM / 24.8"x11.42"x4.72"

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Laser Engraving Machine

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